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A Little Girl Writes A Precious Letter To Google, Google Response Is Priceless!

This letter was written by a very cute and stern girl named Katie, her father is an employee at Google and Katie thinks he should have some more spare time for her. So she goes ahead and does the cutest thing that ends up paying off!

And Google response is priceless!

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OKCupid Blocks Mozilla Users Over Gay Rights

Dating website OKCupid has sought to deter users from accessing its site via browser Mozilla Firefox. OK Cupid’s message directs customers to use other browsers, like Internet Explorer or Chrome, to access the site.

The site says the move was in response to new Mozilla chief executive Brendan Eich’s previous opposition to gay marriage in the US state of California.

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Everyone needs a Teddy Bear

Everyone needs a Teddy Bear. Photographer Jessica Florence made her beloved pet rats these miniature teddy bears. So cute!

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Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Lunar New Year 2014

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Lunar New Year 2014! May the God of Wealth aka Cai Shen Ye (财神爷) brings you the best of luck and wealth!

During the CNY period, I will be away to spend this meaningful celebration with my family. With limited access of the internet, I will be slow to reply your inquiry during 27 Jan till 10 Feb.

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Heart Breakingly Cute Babies Portraits

Taking children or baby photos is not easy, especially for baby. But photographer Karen Wiltshire has a special skill for taking baby portraits. She puts them to sleep. Her special method involves gently running her fingers over the babies’eyelids while the sound of the hair dryer is being played over her phone. The babies will fall to sleep in just a few minutes! This is how she will get the heart-breakingly cute portraits.

After the babies fall asleep, Wiltshire will post for any positions for her shoots.

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More than 250 Digital Publications and Resources Art Book at Getty’s Virtual Library

Virtual Library by Getty Publications offers an open, online repository of more than 250 digital publications and resources for art books from their 45-year publishing history, available as high-quality scans to read online, or to download in their entirety, for free. The books from the library come from three Getty’s programs: the Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Research Institute, and the J. Paul Getty Museum.

The books Getty holds are treasures and we are so lucky to enjoy those books. Read more to get inspiration. Gorky Russian writer once said:”Book is the ladder of human […]

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Photographer Mom Takes Stunning Photos of Her Two Kids With Animals On Her Farm

Photographer Mom Elena Shumilova takes these beautiful photos of her two kids with animals on her farm after she received her professional camera. The bond between the kids and the animals grow stronger as they grew up.

It’s a wonderful thing to let your kids know the love of nature when they are growing up.

I like the different light conditions – from street lights, fog, smoke, rain and snow that Mrs Shumilova experiences with.

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Free Instant 10 TB Cloud Storage by Tencent Cloud

A new era of cloud storage has come – Instant Storage of 10 TB by Tencent.

Step 1 – Sign up for QQ id.
Step 2 – Download Tencent Cloud (微云) to your phone and sign in with your QQ id.
Step 3 – Visit here and click on the claim button! And Voila~

I’ve claimed mine. How about you?

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We Are Graphic Designers Not Screwdrivers

Hahaha. We are graphic designers not screwdrivers.

Beautiful “Bai Gu Jing” from Journey To The West

Journey to the West is a Chinese novel published in the 16th century during the Ming Dynasty. It is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. I think the demon Bai Gu Jing (白骨精) in this picture is beautiful.

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